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ANC and EFF heading for a breakup over Ekurhuleni

Ekurhuleni has been the weakest link in the ANC-EFF relationship for months. Paradoxically, it is the metro where the two parties have a clear majority between them. It should have been easy to share power, and for a time it looked like it was.

In April 2023 the ANC/EFF-led coalition voted in Sivuyile Ngodwana (AIC) as mayor and Nthabiseng Tshivhenga (EFF) as speaker. The ANC and EFF each took five seats on the mayoral committee. Ngodwana was a compromise between the parties and a coalition of minority parties dubbed the Super Seven (AIC, ATM, ICM, PAC, COPE, UDM and NFP). The Super Seven clearly weren’t needed in Ekurhuleni but they are in Johannesburg, where coalitions are fragile

ANC councillors outnumber their EFF counterparts almost three to one (86 to 31) but they were pressured by provincial ANC structures to give up half the MMC posts plus the mayor and speaker positions. By early March, ANC councillors wanted to leave the coalition.

The two parties literally came to blows in council, leading to finger-pointing and attempts to repair the relationship. ANC councillors abstained when ActionSA brought a motion of no confidence against Ngodwana and he was voted out. The ANC did support Tshivhenga in the motion of no confidence against her, leaving the door open for reconciliation with the EFF.

Tshwane and Ekurhuleni in severe financial straits

Moody’s downgraded Ekurhuleni’s debt and placed Tshwane on review after both metros failed to submit their financial statements to the JSE on time. The JSE also warned of possible suspension from the bourse if the metros did not meet submission deadlines.

Both metros also faced a grilling from the Auditor-General and their councils. Tshwane’s qualified audit was an improvement on the previous year’s adverse audit but opposition parties accused mayor Cilliers Brink of withholding the report and not sharing with council.

Ekurhuleni’s unqualified audit with findings was a regression from previous clean audits. The ANC blamed the previous DA administration for the audit.

Written by Research Team

April 11, 2024

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