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Common Questions

What is The Third Republic

SA’s first republic started in 1961, its second in 1994. Both republics have failed to serve the people of South Africa. It is time to imagine a new republic.

Why do you support independents?

Independents face many difficulties as the electoral system is skewed in favour of political parties. Communities need ward councillors whose first loyalty is to their communities and not to political parties.

I want to run as an independent candidate. Will The Third Republic support me?

We require the following:

  • You must be registered in Gauteng.
  • You must have a police clearance certificate.
  • We will interview you to assess whether or not to work with you.

What kind of candidate will you support?

We want to work with individuals who are committed to improving their communities. Candidates must be diligent and problem-solvers who also demonstrate a commitment to the law and Constitution. They may not have a history of xenophobia, populism, violence or a criminal record. A history of community work is advantageous but not essential. 

What if I or an organisation would like to nominate somebody who might be a suitable candidate?

The individual should be willing to run as an independent candidate and you should obtain their consent before nominating them. The standard application procedures will apply and we will interview the candidate before undertaking to work with them.

I represent a political party. Would The Third Republic help us?

We might – it depends. We support small parties that are focused on a ward, an area, or a whole municipality. The party must have internal democratic structures and truly represent the people in the area it contests.