Electricity price increase threatens to torpedo service delivery

Electricity provision is a human right and a key duty for local government. Electricity is also necessary to access other rights, such as the right to information. Local government has failed -...

MetroMonitor: the first four months of local government

A summary of the first MetroMonitor report, reviewing risks and events in the metros

Local government’s ‘coming of age’ is no reason to party

Local government is at serious risk of collapse. In this new opinion piece director PAUL BERKOWITZ introduces MetroMonitor, a new t3r project to support governance in the metros.

successful voter reg

A successful voter registration weekend can’t mask the long-term problems of democratic participation

The IEC’s voter registration weekend was a success but voter turnout is still likely to fall to historical lows. PAUL BERKOWITZ analyses registration and turnout numbers


Political Party Funding Act sends donors running

After more than two years of litigation and campaigning by non-profit organization My Vote Counts, the new Political Party Funding Act (PPFA) finally came into effect on 1 April this year . The...

By-elections: winner and losers

By-elections are a reliable indicator of voter sentiment. PAUL BERKOWITZ looks at the wards that have been won and lost since 2016.

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