The effects of a 1% party vote threshold: a Flourish visualisation

Instability in local government coalitions has led to new draft legislation that would exclude parties winning less than 1% of the vote. What are the likely outcomes in the metros?

Updated Political Risk Barometer: 20 months of politics

Unstable coalitions, violence and corruption have pushed political risk to dangerously high levels. The Barometer summarsies 20 months of political risk.

MetroMonitor June 2023: Bleak budget outlooks and worsening service delivery

While some metros struggled to pass their 2023/24 budgets on time, service delivery and governance continued to deterioriate

MetroMonitor Report 5 (Feb – May 2023): As political cracks widen, metros collapse

Political risk increased while parties blamed each other for council collapses

MetroMonitor Report 4: November 2022 – January 2023

Across all the metros coalitions grew even more dysfunctional. The political stalemate in Johannesburg had devastating effects on service delivery. By the Research Team.

The Political Risk Barometer: an explainer

This short explainer answers most of your questions about our MetroMonitor Political Risk Barometer

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